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Loading Your Horse

Loading has got to be the biggest trauma for horse-owners. A horse that's difficult to load creates stress for all concerned and frequently ends in tears! Sometimes the situation deteriorates to the point that outings become completely impossible.

Mark Phillips to quit US eventing in 2012

Captain Mark Phillips will retire as Chef d'Equipe and Technical Advisor of US Eventing at the end of 2012. The year will mark 20 years of service to US Eventing, and Phillips has announced his retirement to "give someone else the opportunity to put their stamp on the program."

New World Cup qualifiers for British eventers

British eventers may have more chances to get to the World Cup final this year as British Eventing (BE) hopes to run two qualifiers in 2010.

Portable cross-country jumps ease Olympic impact on Greenwich Park

The majority if not all of the 40 jumps on the three-star Olympic cross-country course in Greenwich Park will be portable structures, built off-site and installed within four weeks of the Games in July 2012. Course-designer Sue Benson believes they will form an exciting and varied course for the world's top eventers.

Badminton dates moved by a day

This year's Badminton Horse Trials have been moved a day so that the event will finish on Spring Bank Holiday Monday, meaning the cross-country will take place on the Sunday.

Straight Talk about Equine Feed Labels

You do your best to provide your horse with everything he needs for a healthy life, and sound nutrition is integral to those efforts. The three basic necessities--good grass and/or hay, salt and ample fresh water--are enough for many pleasure horses, but youngsters, broodmares, seniors and hard-working horses require the extra energy that grains and concentrated feeds provide.

Mark Todd loses Olympic horse Gandalf

Mark Todd's Olympic horse NZB Galdalf has been put down as the result of a serious neurological disorder. Gandalf was Todd's 2008 Hong Kong Olympic mount, and had recently suffered seizures which caused him to become blind in his right eye. He had become a danger to himself and his handlers.

Zara Phillips designs equestrian clothing line for Musto

Eventing World Champion Zara Phillips has teamed up with clothing company Musto to produce a new range of equestrian wear.

The Shetland Pony Grand National at Olympia 2009

The Shetland Pony Grand National at the London International Horse Show - Olympia, held December 15-21, 2009.

Use of NSAIDs To Be Put to the Vote at the 2010 General Assembly

The policy choice of whether the restricted use of a small number of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) should be permitted in competition will be put to the vote at the 2010 FEI General Assembly, following a resolution passed by the Bureau today.

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